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KZM Vanguard Tent

RM 5,999.00
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This is a new living shell tent with a unique design and a spacious and comfortable living space. It provides a spacious front room with a width of 440cm and a height of 215cm, and it is possible to stand strong with the side poles. The zerolux system for a comfortable night's sleep is applied to the inner tent, and it provides a good space for 4-5 people. The rear canopy and black pigment-coated roof provide a comfortable living space. A side screen is applied for a private camping life.


  • Sturdy mesh windows for good ventilation
  • More spacious living space
  • Include rear and back canopies with 2 side screens for private camping time
  • Layer by black pigment coating on roof give more shade and protect from UV light
  • Install with matte pole with sign to indicate the location of pole installation
  • Comes with triangular pocket and daisy chain for more storage
  • Anti-puckering strap to make the installation stronger
  • Dimension: Upon installation: 620 x 440 x (h)215 cm | Storage: 70 x 40 x (h033cm | Inner tent:350(255) x 240 x (h)175cm
  • Capacity: 4-5 persons
  • Main tent: P/OXF 150D PU 3,000mm W/R TEFLON UV
  • Inner tent: PT 68D 190T PU 450mm BR W/R
  • Floor: P/OXF 150D PU 1,000mm PU W/R
  • Ground sheet: P/OXF 150D PU 1,500mm W/R
  • Pole: Center pole: AL ø19 | Front/Rear/Side pole: AL ø16 | Inner ridge pole: AL ø14.5 | Canopy pole: AL ø16
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Warranty: 3 Months Local Supplier Warranty
  • Components: Main tent, Inner tent, Roof, Ground sheet, Center pole, 2x Front/rear pole, 2x Side pole, Inner pole, 2x Inner ridge pole, 2x Canopy pole, triangle pocket, daisy chain, 26x Steel peg, 10x Strings & Storage bag

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