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Kovea X On Mini Gas Stove

RM 329.00
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Product Highlights: 

• Brand: Kovea 

• Simple box-shaped design that matches anytime, anywhere 

• It is practical because heat does not escape by designing the crater to be inside the body height. 

• In addition, it has a windproof effect, so there is less heat loss due to wind when used outdoors. 

• Stainless steel top plate with high corrosion resistance and heat resistance is removable and easy to clean. 

• It is stable with a low bowl stand and can be used up to 20cm in diameter cooking containers. 

• It is convenient to install gas container with magnetic safety device governor (detachment and detachment using  magnetic force). 

• When the pressure inside the gas container rises, the gas is automatically released so that it is safe in use.


1. Name : Kovea X-ON Mini Gas Stove 

2. Size : 29.2cm X 13Cm X 25.6cm(Inner Box) 

3. Weight : 1.2kg 

4. Used gas : liquefied butane gas(220g) 

5. Gas consumption : 174g/h 

6. Ignition method: Piezoelectric synchronization 

7. Origin :  Made in Korea(Authenticity) 

8. Feature :    

8-1 : High thermal efficiency with flame retardant furnace.             

------> It is practical because the fireball is designed so that the heat does not escape from the inside rather than the height of the main body. Also, there is a windproof effect, so there is less heat loss caused by wind when using outdoors.    

8.2 : Featured X knobs & concise box shapes.    

8-3 : detachable stainless steel top.    

8-4 : Can be used up to 20cm diameter cooking container.    

8-5 : A magnetic stabilizer gas burner makes it easier to install gas containers.  

------> The magnetic safety device is a gas container that is convenient to install. Also, when the pressure inside the gas container rises, it automatically drains the gas and is safe to use.

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